New Session Beginning and Monthly Restorative Class

New Yoga session begins this week, August 7 and runs for six-weeks through to September 13th.

The Tuesday 10:00 AM, Wednesday 6:00 AM and Thursday 10:00 AM begin this week
We will not run the Saturday morning and Tuesday evening sessions this time as many people seem to be on vacation and busy with summer activities.
The full schedule will return the third week of September.
Please email me with any questions or to request a registration form.
Dates for Restorative Yoga have been set for the rest of 2018. All  classes are the first Sunday of the month, 4:00 – 5:30 pm, 90 minutes. The cost is one class card punch or $15 for drop in.
           Sept. 2 – Jennifer Zimmerman-Bronder (JZB)
           Oct. 7   – Carol Daly (CD)
           Nov. 4   – JZB 
           Dec. 2   – CD
Class begins with gentle movement then moves into long held gentle restorative yoga poses and ends with yoga nidra for deep relaxation.  
We will be bringing many of the props with us so your early sign up will help us to plan ahead. Pre-register by the Friday noon prior to each scheduled session by contacting Kelly May at 319-895-8060 or email elliottsuptownfitness@gmail.com

Restorative Yoga – Coming Soon


In our busy day to day lives we often forget how important rest is for our overall health.  Rest promotes recovery from vigorous workouts as well as recovery from day to day stress by slowing the heart rate, boosting the immune system, and accelerating the body’s natural healing process.  A recent study comparing restorative yoga to a more active stretching routine found that women lost more subcutaneous fat with yoga!

Restorative yoga and other healing-based yoga practices such as yoga nidra are part of a thousands of years old wisdom tradition. Unlike the dynamic movement of a typical yoga class, restorative yoga is slow-paced and incorporates the use of props to fully support the body in a few simple postures.  As restorative postures are comfortably held for 5 – 15 minutes, we deeply relax to replenish our stores of energy and recover a sense of calmness. We hope you will join us soon for one of our new monthly Restorative Yoga classes. Class size is limited to 6.

CONTACT KELLY MAY AT elliottsuptownfitness@gmail.com TO PRE-REGISTER.


TIME4 – 5:30 pm

COSTOne Class Punch (non-refundable) or $15 for Drop-In

TEACHERSJen Zimmerman-Bronder and Carol Daly


Top left, Devon Olberding, left, Jen Zimmerman Bronder, center, Carol Daly, right, Ann Fleckensteing - Photo by Lisa Lewis from Envisage studios

Yoga at the First Street Community Center

What sets yoga at FSCC apart from yoga at other studios?  The answer is our yoga teachers! Collectively our teachers, Jen Zimmerman-Bronder, Ann Fleckenstein, Devon Olberding, and Carol Daly, have over 1300 teacher training hours, 10 years of teaching yoga, and experience teaching at local yoga studios in Iowa City, Solon, North Liberty, and Cedar Rapids and nationally/internationally at yoga retreats in Colorado, Costa Rica, and Indonesia.  

Elliott’s Uptown Fitness hosts yoga classes at the First Street Community Center (FSCC). Yoga classes at FSCC range from Kids Yoga to Gentle Yoga to Hatha Yoga for all ability levels. The setting at FSCC is spacious with room for up to a dozen or more students and is comfortably air conditioned during the hot summer months.  Yoga mats and props are provided on site as well.

JOIN US for YOGA at FIRST STREET COMMUNITY CENTER this summer!  All classes are held on the 2nd floor of the FSCC in “Studio A”.

  • Yoga for Adults

    • Tuesday, 10 am and 6:30 pm

    • Wednesday, 6 am

    • Thursday, 10 am

    • Saturday, 9 am

    • Coming Soon!  Monthly Sunday Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga for Kids – contact Devon Olberding at devonmcd@hotmail.com

    • Thursday, 3-4 pm, in June and July

 Students may pay per class, per 6-week session, with an unlimited 6-week session pass or a 10-class pass that is good for one year! For more information click here.

* Spread the word about our NEW STUDENT SPECIAL$49 for one month of unlimited classes.  Register and pay at your first class or contact Kelly May at Elliott’s Uptown Fitness to pre-register.

Cardio Kickboxing and Circuit Class

The first 30 minutes of class are Cardio Kick – a full body workout with Karate-type kicks for the lower body coupled with Boxing punches for the upper body.  No boxing/kicking bags are used.

The second 30 minutes are Circuit Training – timed stations for strength and endurance.

We will incorporate equipment which promotes total body resistance exercise including TRX bands, trampoline, hula hoop, boxing bag and jump rope.

Inside the First Street building in Studio C, which is downstairs on our lowest level (under the gymnasium). It is easy to get there via the North parking lot, which is next to the football field and press box.  The Northwest entrance door at that level will be unlocked.

When:  This six week session starts June 4th, classes are on Mondays from 8:30 – 9:30 am, Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:30 pm, and Fridays from 8:30 – 9:30 am.

Cost:  Classes are held over the course of a six week session.  Attending classes once a week is $60.00; twice a week is just $80.00; and three times a week is only $90.00.   You can also can use a punch card at $100.00 for 10 sessions and come at times that are convenient for you.


  • You can drop in, get a punch card or sign up for a 6 week session.
  • Inquire about possible child care options for Monday and Friday classes

For more information, contact: Devon at devonmcd@hotmail.com or Melissa at makorfist@yahoo.com.

Summer Special for College Students

Elliott’s Uptown Fitness is offering summer membership to College students for $50.00.

You can join the Fitness center for June, July and August for just $50.00.

Elliott’s offers you an air conditioned workout room featuring the following:

  • Weight Room with Machines and Free Weights
  • Gymnasium 
  • Treadmills and Elliptical Machines
  • Stair masters, Upright and Recumbent Bikes
  • Sauna
  • Exercise Classes available on site including Yoga, Cardio Kick and Spinning

For further information stop in at Elliott’s Uptown Fitness in the First Street Community Center or contact us at elliottsuptownfitness@gmail.com  or phone 319-895-8060

Summer Yoga


Summer is FINALLY approaching!  After months of winter and a cool spring, we look forward to summer’s most defining characteristic, HEAT.  Heat (whether you like it in the summer or not) is a necessary component of transformation, and one that was recognized by the early yogis as a vital component of our practice.  Yogis use the word, tapas, to describe the internal fire that is needed to build will power, stick to our resolutions, and overcome the resistance to change that we often feel when starting (or continuing) a healthy practice like yoga.  No matter what is going on for you this summer, getting to your yoga mat will make you feel better!


  • Tuesdays, 10 am and 6:30 pm

  • Wednesday, 6 am

  • Thursday, 10 am

  • Saturday, 9am